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MWT MUNICH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY develops and manufactures, since 2005, High End RF- Transceivers for radio sensors und radio actuators, exclusively the highest receiver class: RECEIVER CLASS 1, with high sensitivity (-125 dBm/10Kbit/ Antenna foot point). The MWT transceivers are integrated in radio acceleration detectors, radio pressure detectors, radio gas detectors, radio motion detectors, radio smoke detectors, radio thermo detectors, radio breakage of glass detectors and various radio actuators. The transceivers operate in Full Duplex Mode in Dual band: 433/868 MHz, 868/2400 and 2400/5800 MHz. The MWT sensor wireless networks are strict time synchronous bidirectional systems, which build a mix of STAR- and MESCH topologies. The transceivers are developed for extreme conditions (- 40°C ... +110 °C) with frequency temperature drift compensation. The transceivers must guarantee a reliable and delay-free communication under all circumstances and without exceptions. Lifetime is set to be at least 10 years. The MWT RF systems compete against the cable solutions and must be even better (EMC, Flexibility)! The main application field and the main customer of the MWT systems is the aerospace industry since 2006. The high-end fire detection technology, EN54 25, and the intruder detection technology VDS Class B, use also the MWT RF Technology since 2010. The MWT systems are protected by several patents. More patents are still in the patent application process.

Since 2019, MWT has developed the KYWA RF system. The KYWA RF system is based on the MWT high-end sensor network System, and integrates in addition to that, the NFC, BLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) and the UWB technologies. The KYWA is a high-end sensor wireless network system offering also, the access entry (100 ms max. reaction time), the Indoor Navigation/GPS and the tracking features in the buildings (hospitals, hotels, production plants/factories) through UWB/BLE/NFC technologies. Nevertheless, the sensor application in the KYWA system, still has the highest priority and highest reaction time (ms). The KYWA transceiver module includes the complete MARSA sensor network high-end RF system (for fire/intruder detection/medical sensors), NFC, BLE and UWB technology (HW, SW and all antennas, all in one 45-25 mm PCB). KYWA has for each service diversity PCB antennas. The actual price of the KYWA-Transceiver/KYWA-CARD is roundabout 10 $. The 2021 KYWA Transceiver generation is smaller and costs roundabout 8 $. The 5 $-target-price for the complete KYWA Transceiver, requested by MWT customers, will be not reached before 2023/2024.

Psst: Lass die Anderen Preise sammeln und Shows abziehen. MWT macht heimlich das beste hochqualitative und komplette RF System für den besten Preis, und gewinnt damit einen Kunden nach dem anderen. Keiner darf es besser machen oder günstiger fertigen!